April 17, 2014

Rules of the Games
(Under 8)

All rules shall conform to FIFA Laws of the Game unless otherwise modified below.

  1. NUMBER OF PLAYERS. Maximum 4 players from each team on the field at a time. Teams and games may be co-ed. This 4 v 4 competition is designed to give young players the maximum number of touches on the ball AND to prepare them to play with & against a larger number of players.

  2. THE BALL AND EQUIPMENT. Size three (3) ball. Shinguards MANDATORY. Tennis shoes, soft-cleated or molded-rubber soccer shoes are permissible. No casts. No watches. No jewelry.

  3. DURATION OF GAME. Each game will consist of FOUR 10-minute quarters. Two-minute breaks between quarters and five minutes for half-time.

  4. PLAYER SUBSTITUTION. Unlimited substitution; substitutions must be requested and then acknowledged by the referee.  For an injury, only substitution of the injured player is allowed. All players must play a minimum 50% of the playing time for each game they attend and equal play for all players is strongly encouraged.

  5. START AND RE-START OF GAME. Kick-off from the center of the field. Opponents must be outside the center circle until it is kicked. Once the ball is kicked, it must be touched by someone other than the kicker before it can be played again by the kicker. You cannot score directly from a kick-off. Team  starting the game will kick-off to start the first and third quarters.  Team not starting the game will kick-off to start the second and fourth quarter.

  6. RE-START AFTER FOUL OR MISCONDUCT. All free kicks taken are indirect, meaning the ball must be touched by someone other than the kicker before a goal is allowed. You cannot score directly from an indirect kick. No penalty kicks. Opponents must be a minimum of 6 yards from the ball until it is kicked. The coach or official should explain the infraction to the offending player before the kick is taken.

  7. BALL OUT-OF-PLAY. Restart the game from an out-of-play over the touch lines (sidelines) with a throw-in. Restart the game from an out-of-play over the goal line with a goal kick (by the defense) if the ball was last touched by the offense and a corner kick (by the offense) if the ball was last touched by the defending team. Opponents must be a minimum of 6 yards from the ball until it is kicked or thrown. Goalkicks and throw-ins are indirect; you cannot score directly from a goal kick or throw-in. A second throw-in should be given if the first is not taken correctly. The coach/parent should explain the proper method before allowing a re-throw.

  8. POSITIONS. Although there can be attacking, defensive or supporting roles, the coaching of rigid positions for these young players is discouraged. Kids should be running the field and getting as many touches on the ball as possible, not playing rigid positions. Three offensive players and one defensive players is encouraged.

  9. NO GOAL KEEPERS (players who can handle the ball) and NO GOAL TENDERS (players who camp out directly in front of the goal, regardless of where the ball is in play). Please encourage your kids to move up field and away from the front of the goal whenever: 1) there is no imminent scoring threat, or 2) your team has taken possession of the ball, or 3) the ball is in the opponents half of the field. There is a small box (formerly the "goalie box") in front of the goal. This is considered an exclusion area and the defensive player must stay out of this circle unless there is an imminent scoring threat.

  10. NO OFFSIDES. But do not encourage or coach the kids to camp out in front of the opponents goal unless the ball is in the immediate area.

  11. OFFICIATING. Referees will be provided.


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Field Conditions

All games played at the Oso/Peary Place fields.

Peary Place (Oso)
Waldron Road (FB)
Directions and Maps
Green - Open
Red - Closed



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Training Material

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U5/6 Coaches Training Manual
U7/8 Coaches Training Manual
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