April 23, 2014

Rules of the Games
(Under 10)

All rules shall conform To FIFA Laws of the Game unless otherwise modified below.

6.2.1.Under-10 Players Age Division

a.   A player with his/her parents’ and coach’s permission, and in compliance with the local association/club/league playing rules, may play in an older age group with the following exceptions; a maximum of (4) U10 players may be placed on any U11 competitive or U12 Division III team. (As of 2009/2010 season for 8-a-side teams, a maximum of three (3) Under-10 players may be placed on any U11 competitive or U-12 Division III team).

b. Except as provided herein, no player may play in a younger age group than the age group for which he/she is eligible. If a medical condition exists (substantiated in writing by a licensed physician) that will prohibit or severely hinder a player from playing in his/her own age group, the player may seek special approval from his/her local association /club/league board and CBYSA to allow the player to play down in a younger age group.   All requests must be submitted to and approved by the STYSA Executive Committee. Number of Players
a.  Each Under-10 team during a game shall play with no more than six (6) players on the field at a time, including a goalkeeper.

b. It is the policy of this Association to prohibit eleven (11) aside teams in Under-10 in both league play and invitational tournaments.

c. Coaches must play each registered player that is present one-half of the game unless unable to do so due to player’s illness or injury or for disciplinary reasons. In the event that a player is present but will not be playing, the coach must inform the referee and the opposing coach as to the reason that player will not participate. Size of Teams: The maximum number of players per team shall be ten (10). Forfeits for too few players:  The referee shall declare a forfeit if a team has fewer than the requisite number of players on the field ready to play within a reasonable time after the game was scheduled to start.  Provided that at least four players from each team are present within a reasonable time after the game was scheduled to start, there shall be no forfeit. Goalkeeper: There shall be no charging or intentional or reckless contact with the goalkeeper in any manner whatsoever. Any such conduct shall be considered at least as “dangerous play” and punished accordingly. Ball: #4 Goals: 18 feet to 21 feet wide by 6 to 7 feet high. Fields:

Size: 30 to 50 yards wide by 40 to 60 yards long.
Center Circle: 7 yards in radius
Penalty Area:  12 yards by 25 yards
Goal Area: 4 yards by 16 yards
Penalty Spot: 8 yards and perpendicular from the midpoint of the goal line.
Penalty Arc: 8 yard radius from the penalty spot Length of Games: two twenty-five (25) minute halves. Offside: The FIFA Offside Rule shall apply.

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Field Conditions

All games played at the Oso/Peary Place fields.

Peary Place (Oso)
Waldron Road (FB)
Directions and Maps
Green - Open
Red - Closed



Lightening Safety

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Training Material

Available here.
U5/6 Coaches Training Manual
U7/8 Coaches Training Manual
U9/10 Coaches Training Manual

These manuals will always be available on the Docs/Forms page.

Keeper Training

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