April 19, 2014
Playing Rules:

A complete copy of STYSA and CBYSA’s playing rules may be found at www.stxsoccer.org and www.cbysasoccer.org. Except as noted below STYSA rules govern. All FIFA, STYSA and CBYSA playing rules will be followed at all times by all parents, players, coaches, trainers, referees, board members and volunteers. These items are supplementary to FIFA, STYSA and CBYSA’s playing rules:

1. Division IV (developmental) and Division III (recreational) teams within GCSC are limited to three (3) out of boundary players. That is a player who resides within another league’s boundaries. Residence and school criteria will be considered. Players are encouraged to first register within their own boundaries to determine team availability. Division II, Super II and Division I teams have no boundary formation rules.
2. Players within GCSC may not move up without a written request to the Director of Coaches and the Director of Trainers and as approved by the Board of Directors. 
3. No parent, player or coach will be allowed behind the goalkeeper’s box during play of the game in any age group. 
4. There will be no games or scrimmages between teams, which differ by more than one group for any teams U6 to U12.
5. All team practices will be held within the “Club” boundaries as listed in the GCSC Constitution.
6. Division IV; Division III; Division II and Super II players shall participate in every game for at least one-half of the game. There shall be no exceptions to this rule except for player misconduct on the field or at practice. If player misconduct results in a player not playing 50% of any game, the coach must notify the Director of Coaching, the parents, the opposing coach and the referee. In this division, no player may be penalized for not attending a practice or arriving late at a practice. The children in this age division cannot drive and rely on the adults to provide their transportation. The Club is not in the practice of punishing the children for events that are entirely within the control of the adults. 
7. Coaches will carry the following with them at all practices, games, scrimmages and any other team function:
* official roster of players;
* registration form signed by the parent or guardian;
* STYSA medical release form, for all traveling teams;
* player identification cards for all traveling teams or those Division III and IV teams which may be attending tournaments.
1. Once a uniform has been issued to a player, registration fees cannot be refunded unless the uniform is returned unused. If the uniform has been used, a refund may be issued on a pro-rated basis and minus the uniform costs.
2. Scholarship requests should be made in writing to the Director of Coaching for the appropriate age division of the child requesting financial assistance. All scholarship requests will be given equal and due consideration, however, parents or players will be asked to pay for the costs of the uniform. Options for this payment can include, refereeing games and applying referee payments to the amount owed for the uniform. 
3. Checks returned for insufficient funds will have a $5.00 administrative fee added to the original amount as well as any amount the Club’s bank charges the Club. Should the matter have to be cleared through a collection process, the cost of the collection will be added to the original registration fee.
1. Division III and Division IV coaches shall have either an F/G license or the appropriate module license issued by STYSA. Each new coach has one year, from the date they begin coaching, to complete a coaching course. At the end of one year, should the coach not attend and receive their module license, issued by STYSA, they will not be allowed to continue coaching.
2. All Division II coaches shall hold a minimum of an E License.
3. All Super II and Division I coaches will hold a minimum of an E license and will obtain their D license within one year, from the date they begin coaching for the Club. 
4. All coaches are encouraged to obtain the highest level of coaching license available to them. 
5. All Coaches will attend any meeting scheduled by the Director of Coaches for their age division. Should a coach not be able to attend any called meeting, the coach should find a team representative to attend in his or her place.
6. All Coaches will register with CBYSA and STYSA on a yearly basis and must receive a KidSafe clearance by STYSA prior to holding their first practice, team meeting or game. 
7. A Coach may be removed by the Board of Directors for violation of Club, CBYSA, or STYSA rules. 
1. GCSC will hold a minimum of one fundraiser in the Fall season and one in the Spring season. Each player is encouraged to participate fully in these fundraisers.
2. Teams may not have a “team fundraiser” if they have not participated in at least one club fundraiser.
A. Division III and Division IV:
1. Teams will be formed at the Division III and Division IV age groups in accordance with CBYSA and STYSA rules. There are no “select” teams at these age division.
B. Division II, Super II and Division I:
1. The formation of new teams in all age groups within these divisions of the next Fall year, begin no later than June 1st of each year. Each team in existence and age group being considered for formation are required to conduct a minimum of two published tryouts. These tryouts are to be held as soon as Western District or WDDOA rules allow. Tryouts are open to all eligible players within the jurisdiction of STYSA. After player selections are made, all players participating in Club tryouts will receive notification regarding their selection, whether or not they are selected. 
2. There will be no restriction to the number of teams within a single age group. 
3. All teams are encouraged to participate at the highest level of competition for which they are eligible.
4. Players who wish to be considered for selection must attend at least one try-out with the team. 
5. Each Player and Parent will sign and return to the Club/Team a signed Parent Player Agreement prior to any workouts, practices, scrimmage or registration of the player and/or team.
6. All Division II, Super II and Division I team should have a team manager. The Team manager is responsible for handling administrative tasks for these teams, such as player registration, player fee collections, team record keeping, tournament applications and other duties as agreed upon by the Coach and Manager. The team managers serve at the discretion of the head coach but each head coach is encourage to utilize the Team Manager in an appropriate useful manner.
7. Teams formed within the Division II, Super II and Division I levels will be known as the Black Hawks for the Boys Division and the Lady Hawks for the Girls Division. Club colors will be voted on by the Board of Directors as is necessary. Uniform styles will be decided upon by the Board of Directors and each division may have its own style of uniform, while staying within the Club colors and logo. 
Sponsorship of teams, players and the Club are highly encouraged and necessary to the function of the Club. 
The Club offers sponsorship opportunities as follows:
A. Club sponsorship - this sponsorship is for the operational costs of the club. Sponsors, based on their level of financial assistance, will receive written recognition at the fields of GCSC.
B. Player Sponsorship - this sponsorship allows an individual to sponsor any and all fees of an individual player. A letter of support will be presented to the sponsor containing all pertinent tax information showing their generous contribution.
C. Team Sponsorship - this sponsorship allows an individual or company to sponsor a specific team for any and all costs the team may incur. These costs include but are not limited to: 
* tournaments;
* team equipment
* club fee’s or expenses
* team parties
Monies used for a Team Sponsorship belong to the team and not the players. These monies are used judiciously for all players of the team and may not be used to purchase incentive items for any player on the team. Team Sponsorships for teams U13 and above MUST follow all UIL rules of the State of Texas. 
All sponsorship monies, regardless of type, must be made payable to the Club and deposited and accounted for through the Clubs bank account. Monies deposited directly into parent or coaches accounts are in violation of non-profit laws and prohibited by the Club and will be subject to disciplinary action by the Club. 
Each competitive team will give given monthly accounting specific to their team. Each team will have a team account that matches their player roster. Each team is responsible for making sure that all payments are made as owed by the players. At the end of each season, if fees are not current, team sponsorships will be used to cover any outstanding fees. Furthermore, no team will be allowed to participate in extracurricular team play if team accounts are in arrears.
Payment plans and scholarship issues will be decided by the Board of Director and the Team Manager for each competitive team will be notified so accounting can be properly noted on the team accounts.


All referees’ must have taken and passed a Grade 8 level test given by the State Referee Association.

All referees’ are subject to Board approval.

Scholarship players are encouraged to take the referee course and pay back their fees through referee assignments. 

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All games played at the Oso/Peary Place fields.

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